Angelic Pale Light -- this piece is an original hand-sculpted, glass-infused wall installation by me.  (Available to view by appointment. Please contact artist at 310-809-3395).


I was inspired to create this Angel. I think angels and mermaids are very simiilar.  While neither are readily available to our sight, they are both documented by credible sources leaving it up to the individual on whether or not we choose to believe in them.  Angels are documented as being helpful and good, while mermaids are documented as being mischievous and nearing evil. So, I find Angels and Mermaids to be the Ying and Yang of the the mostly female human form.  Angels dominate the skies and the mermaids dominate the seas and the ocean waters. 


It is 5' x 3'.  It is roughly 70 pounds and has a sturdy metal frame with a matching metal frame that includes a wall attachment for easy hanging and installation.  This piece is perfect for any entry way, church, backyard display, statement piece and more.  The abalone shells serve as candle holders or can easy support succulents and other flower displays.   


Price inlcudes tax, but does not include shipping and handling: Must contact seller for shipping arrangements and cost - via email at or phone at (310) 809-3395. The piece can be seen in person by appointment, contact artist. Installation arrangements can be made, as well. Please inquire. 

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Angelic Pale Light

SKU: 201600042
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    • Handmade item: Hand-molded, glass-infused ceramic tiles
    • Materials: clay infused- glass, white grout, ceramic paints, glass, grout sealer, kilz primer, hand painted glass, built on cement board with a painted metal frame and attachment for easy installation.  
    • Ships within the continental United States, tax inlcuded in price.