This Redhead Mermaid is one out of a series of seven inspired by Fleet Week and in honor of our Navy personnel. Pieces are sold individually. There is only one of each original. Acryllic painted and framed. Only one of each painting.


What is Fleet Week? LA Fleet Week™ is a free public event celebrating our U.S. armed forces at ournation’s #1 port, the Port of Los Angeles. A new Labor Day tradition in Los Angeles, the event welcomes active military ships and personnel to the LA Waterfront, and features public ship tours, military equipment demonstrations, live entertainment, educational activities and more.

Dimension: H 12-1/2" by 16-1/2" W

Weight: 8 oz

Tax included in price.  Shipping Note:  Due to the dimensions of the piece, it is easier for me to calculate shipping based on the destination. Please contact me before purchase.  Local store pick up option is available. 

Handling Fee: $1.00

Shipping will be billed seperately. 

All items are shipped insured.

Joyful Brunette Mermaid

SKU: 20160023
  • Original as part of the Navy Seal Days Series.

    Inspired by the history of mermaids and sailors around the world.

    Hand-painted-- Original, Acrylic.

    One in a series of 7 originals